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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

English for Beginners - Football Vocabulary

Football Vocabulary

Given the craziness about the World Cup that we’re experiencing this summer, we’ve prepared a post for you so that you can watch a football match with the commentary in English, which we’re sure you’ll understand. Moreover, with this vocabulary you’ll be able to make some points and comments about the game and thus show your knowledge of English.

Let’s begin with the stadium and the most important parts of the pitch:

Football field / pitch
Halfway line

Pitch Vocabulary

Vocabulary related to teams and players is:


Regarding the referees and refereeing activities:

To referee
To book
Yellow card
Red card
Give the foul
Give the penalty

More vocabulary related to key actions during the game:

Half time
Full time
Extra time
Injury time
The Score
To win
To draw
To defeat
To shoot
A foul
A free-kick
A corner
A pass
A tackle

Some examples for the use of this vocabulary and phrases commonly used are:

Messi is a fantastic player, he plays for Argentina.

That was a good ball, he almost scored a goal.

The ball is in the box and it’s a clear chance for Brazil.

Oh! What a tackle, he deserved a red card!

This is an amazing team; they keep possession of the ball over 70 percent of the time.

Ronaldo missed the penalty that could have made his team to win.

That player is booked; he already has a yellow card.

Look at that shot at goal; it should have been a goal.

Great defending!

The goalkeeper made a very good save.

A YouTube video where football vocabulary is explained as well is:

Link to the Video in YouTube

To finish, some related links for you to practice football vocabulary in English:

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More slang vocabulary at the BBC

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Football Dictionary

Podcasts about football in English

Printable files (PDF format) to work on in the classroom featuring this vocabulary about football and also related to the World Cup in South Africa

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