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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ManyThings - Interesting Things for ESL Students

Many Things

ManyThings is a website totally recommended for those people who are learning English and want to use the Internet in order to learn English online for free. In ManyThings you’ll find resources to practice every aspect of the English language: vocabulary, speaking, grammar, reading, listening, writing and even singing.

The only feature that could be criticised from ManyThings is its visual aspect. It’s like as if the design of the website hasn’t been updated since the 90’s. However, information is well organised and usability is not bad. Moreover, the resources, materials and activities that you’ll find in ManyThings are really valuable and this is what matters in order to improve your English.

Another interesting feature from ManyThings is that it includes games and activities with lists of vocabulary, grammar exercises, slang, anagrams (an anagram is a word made by using letters of another word in a different order), daily pronunciation practice and also exercises to learn songs in English.

In short, ManyThings is a website that you should visit this summer to practice your English.

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