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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Learning English with Mr Duncan

Learning English with Mr Duncan

Do you know Mister Duncan? Neither did we until not so long ago … Mr Duncan is an English teacher born in Stafford (United Kingdom), who after working for 4 years in China as a teacher of English conversation, returned to the UK and decided to create free videos (uploaded to YouTube) to teach English to anyone interested in learning English online.

The main features of the videos are:
  • Average length between 4 and 10 minutes.
  • Big variety of topics: Office Words, Friends, Grammar, Slang, Technology, Time, ...
  • They are extremely funny! You will have fun while improving your English.
  • Since the ninth video [Lesson Nine (F A M E)], the videos are subtitled and we are very pleased about this because it allows you to take full advantage of these online resources.
To date Mr Duncan has created 36 videos, but this number will increase because the author usually publishes a new video each week.

Don’t hesitate to watch his videos!

Visit his channel in Youtube

Visit his Learning English Videos

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Anonymous said...

thank you mr dunca... You are fun and enjoyable in nice good look

F197989 said...

Hi Mr Duncan.
I want to thank you from my heart for the very serious and very honest effort that you made during your attempt at the teaching English for people all over the world.I am from Iran and PhD student of international relations at UKM Malaysia.honestly you helped me greatly for learning English and i really appreciate it.make sure that you are my best favorite teacher in mind.may you have good luck in every thing that you endeavor to do.
I love you Mr Duncan.
Kind regards
Farhad Rezaei
candidate for PhD in international relations

Unknown said...

I am Tuan, an Account person in Marketing Communications from Vietnam. Simply sending many thanks to your great effort for English learners. Admire you much ^^

Mr Tam said...

Great job!

pr.regis said...

Hi Mr. Duncan. (Régis, Jacobina, Bahia) I'm an English teacher in Brazil, and your videos will be very good for my classes. The students in Brazil don't have many opportunities do practice, as we're not an English speaking country. That's why your lessons are very important for us.
God Bless you!
Jesus loves you and He is our best friend. Talk to him, in English, or in Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

you are perfect... i make my students to watch you... and we are incredibly enjoy your way of teaching, talking and etc... thank so much...

Anonymous said...

THE KING !!! great job , tx

Fatih said...

Hi, mr. Duncan,how are u today, are you okey, i hope so..... i am from turkey,i have watched your lessons, and they were so good for me english to learn in praxis. i hope continuation of your lesson and a good day for by for now ;)

selim said...

Hi! Mr DUNACAN.h-How are you today?Are you happy?I hope so.Are you OK?I hope so.
I and my classmates watch you with a great pleasure.Everyday and every week.Please, can you say one of your new videos 'Hello TURKIYE'.Ta ta for now..

bebo0o0 said...

Hi,mr Duncan
How are you? Are you okay?
I hope so..
Thank you .I love your all lessons.
My name basm
I am student in the colleg and my department is English language . I want to learn more and more but I do not from what I increase my vocabulary .
I want your advice for me.
Thank you so much...

Anonymous said...

Mr Duncan i would like to request you please place your videos on your blog too because i can't get access to youtube.Will wait

Anonymous said...

Hi mr.duncan i heard aboud u and i learned ur lesson.all tha lessons are very interesting and usefull.ilove your lessons and i like u sooooooooo much.i cant speak inglish please iwant study more and more please help me.
i m ur
faithful student

selim said...

Hi Mr Duncan!How are you?Your videos are very useful for us(me and my class).We all watch you with a great pleasure.Ta ta for now...

Unknown said...

Mr Duncan,
your video lessons give our students of Kerala in India a golden chance to listen to native speaker's English. Lessons are very interesting and I use your lessons in my classroom. Now you became very familiar to our children. Thank you

fat cat said...

Hi My internet's teacher
I whatchhed the video online. It is good luck for me at that times. I what to say "thank you so much" for your commitment to people who is need. It's useful to interresed to practise every day.
The last but not least. The video is your strange ideas which help me enjoy like foods eating veryday, very week, very months, very year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mister Duncan.
I've almost listened all of your Learning English video lessons because I love it so much that I repeated many times,and you also inspired me a lot, now I've got into the habit of learning English every day, I realized how important English is to all of us, because once you can speak English you can communicate with billions of people from all over the world, right? Thank you very much Mister Duncan, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Duncan I love your class and I am learning english very much..thanks (Rejane, São Paulo-Brasil).

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Duncan,

Today I watched five lessons of yours. Really you are great, your way of teaching is excellent. I am sure that I will learn good english from your videos. See ya ! Take Care and Ta-Ta for now.

Hyderabad, India

Anonymous said...

how are you today??

are you okay? I hope so,
Are you happy? I hope so,

well done, Hello Mr Duncan...thx so much sir. your video's lessons are very useful for me. I'm a student in South Borneo, Indonesia, that learned an English for 3 years, but as long as I've learned English in my campus, this is the first time I found the great video lessons. your video lessons are very acceptable, simple, and accurately. I'm glad if you could come to my country and visit it. ohhh.. yaaa!!! I also want to say Hii... to Mr Steve.


Your S. Admire
Restu Fajar Perdana

Anonymous said...

hi mr duncan.. iam from Turkey and thank u 4 this traning set.. i watched all of them in on evening..
u re incredible!! i am waıtıng for new episodes of u.. especially, some common usages for speaking..
and thanx again.. good luck..
Oguz from Turkey
King regards..

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Duncan!!
How are you today?
Are you happy?I hope so.
Are you OK?I hope so.

Thumbs up for this beautiful effort :)



Hi mr duncan , how are you today,Are you happy? I hope so .Are you ok. ? I hope so, Iam ahmed nafiz from Qatar , Iam student in doha academy school ,class 4 ,also I Love all lessons ,i hope continuation of your lesson because I Love you soooooooo much


S khuram said...

Hi mr duncan. I hope your sucsess in your international task.Be always happy & healthy.
yours faithfully

Anonymous said...

Your videos are fun to watch. Keep up the good work and good luck with everything.

shalini said...

i want to thank you for this kind work of teaching english online. Your lessons are very helpful to improve my english. thanks! once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Duncan!

you are perfect! thanks for your all lessons

Masha - Srilanka

Unknown said...

Hey Mr Duncan,
I'm an french student and yesturday, i've found your videos on youtube. I spend a very good time to watch them !! they're sooo useful, and im sure that it will help me to improve my english. Thanks a lot !!
i want you to keep doing a lot of english learning videos..
Bye bye :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Duncan;
I'm a Moroccan Engineer, i found you lessons very useful and i want to tank you a lot for your efforts and pacient, your are smart

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ducan


Shoja said...

Hi mr.duncan!
i have your videoes, but i don't know the best way to study them. please guide me to take the bestest! result. ta very much.
Shojaodin Aryapour, Herat, AFG.

sabyouda said...

hi M.dunken;

I'm sabrina,from algeria

how are you I hoping doing well
Thank you so much for the effort y.doing to learning us english with such a simple & clever way.

good bless you

Anonymous said...

thank you, mister duncan. i'm from Turkey, i apprreciate your work.

hayat said...

Mr Duncan i love you so mach ,you're very fantastic.I just saw your lessens video that are more important to be good in english .From Morocco ,im saying thank you for teaching us.

Anonymous said...

hi misrerduncan thank you so much ..i like your lessons very much and ta ta for now ............

Anonymous said...

hi mr duncan.
i want to tell you a special thanks for your great job that you made.i'm sarah from Algeria,frankly you helped me greatly to improve my english.thank you Mr Duncun.I hope all the best for you my perfect teacher

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Duncan
I'm Fatih ,from Turkey.You re great Mr Duncan.Thanks for your videos.I almost follow your lessons everyday.Really I want to see you in turkey very often.We would be glad to host you.
Good By for the moment.take care.

fatih said...

Hi Mr Duncan,
I'm Fatih ,from Turkey.I'm an english teacher.I appreciate your videos.You are special to us.We would like to host you ıf you think of visiting Turkey.I follow your lessons almost everyday.
Thanks a lot for your videos.
by si by.take care.

Anonymous said...

Merci Monsieur Duncan vous êtes formidable tout simplement et de plus
d'une belle culture que vous partagez
avec beaucoup de gentillesse ,et
d'enthousiasme.En bref quelqu'un de

Neetu said...

Hi Mr. Duncan...I am teacher from India. In our school, we are showing your videos of english conversation to our students. Your videos are very interesting and their presentation is fabulous. Thanks for teaching english in such a wonderful manner.

Thank you once again.

Hubert English said...

Like Mr Duncan but in my opinion AJ Hoge is better teacher than him :)

Anonymous said...

You simpley the best , as Tina Turner sing ! Big hello from Poland ! All the best mate ! Ta ta for now ;)

ndeye khady diop said...


Anonymous said...

it is a great job. thanks dear mr. duncan!


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