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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Free Dictionary - Great Online Dictionary

The Free Dictionary - Great Online Dictionary

Some time ago we talked about an excellent online dictionary: We want to present to you today another online dictionary that compares favourably with WordReference. It is “The Free Dictionary”. Let’s look for the meaning of the word “thesaurus”. What do we get after pressing Search?
  • Definition of “thesaurus” in English, with the possibility of listening to the American English and British English pronunciation.
  • Explanation of the Latin and Greek origin for “thesaurus”.
  • Synonyms, related words and antonyms for “thesaurus”.
  • Translations for “thesaurus” to Spanish, French, German and Italian.
Interesting, isn’t it? Apart from this, “The Free Dictionary” has other very attractive functionalities to practice our English:
  • Medical, legal and financial dictionaries.
  • Search for acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Search for sentences and idioms.
  • Search for words or articles in different encyclopaedias (Wikipedia, Hutchinson, …).
To end, in “The Free Dictionary” you can also find:
  • Dictionaries for Spanish, French, German and Italian languages.
  • Material for Surfers of the Internet.
  • Material for Webmasters: Games, Word of the Day, Quotation of the Day, …
A web page that you shouldn’t miss!


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