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Monday, June 23, 2008

Italki - Language Exchange


Today’s resource is called “italki”; it is a web page similar to “soZiety”, but with more functions that the latter.

It is possible to try to find a language colleague from whom we can learn English (or any other language that we are interested in: Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, etc.) It is not necessary to install any external software (like Skype) to communicate in writing or to speak with a language colleague because the web page offers an application that we can use for this purpose.

This is just one of the differences of “italki” when compared with “soZiety”. There are other interesting functions:
  • Possibility of posing a question to all italki users, like for example: "What is the difference between sensitive and sensible?" And any user who wants to help us will be able to answer.
  • Knowledge creation and consultation; the possibility of actually creating the content (wikis, pages) that we can then use to improve our English.
  • File sharing (usually text files: .doc, .pdf, .txt), with more material.
  • Resources with links to recommended web pages.
This web page is pretty interesting for learning and practicing English (and other languages).


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Christina said...

If you like iTalki, you may also like eduFire. I have a code for a free one-hour session with a tutor with no strings attached. Email me if you'd like to have the code =)

Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning italki. I'm glad you like it. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see on the site, we'd love to hear it. Thanks!

David said...

Hi guys,

Christina: we only promote free online learning web sites.

Toffler: No problem. Congrats for italki. An idea: people like games, what about creating some kind of online game for practising languages? Guess the word, ... it might be fun!

bluesnow10 said...

i also like to learn for free


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