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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soziety - Free Language Exchange Using Skype


The title of this web page is “Languages Exchange for free” and it establishes in a clear way its goal. After the registration process, we have access to a list of connected users that are interested in learning English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese … In the user’s profile it’s indicated what languages s/he speaks very well and what language(s) s/he is interested in learning/practising.

In order to use this web page you should install the “Skype” software on your computer. You can download it here; once downloaded, double click, and next next. You should create a new account (user and password) for Skype and then you are ready to go.

Now, what you have to do is start looking for people with whom you can do a language exchange. It this means someone fluent in the language you are interested in learning and also s/he should be interested in your native language.

From my experience, I can honestly say that it can be fairly difficult finding and getting to know native English speakers. This may simply be due to the fact that everybody wants to learn English and possibly because demand outstrips supply. It’s also the case that only through trial and error do you find somebody with whom you have a good rapport and thus you are able to learn from one another with relative ease. So be patient and good luck!


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Guido said...

Hey, thank you for your review. I am one of the guys behind soziety, and your comments help us a lot to keep improving the site and spread the word.

It's true that sometimes it is not so easy to find native english people ready to talk. English is by far the most demanded foreign language. Anyway, there is not always needed to talk with a native user to practice english !

On the other hand, the community is still growing, so we hope the more we are, the easier it will be :)

whiner said...

Hi Guido,

No problem. Congrats for your good work with Soziety.

It's true that you can practice your English with non-native speakers. But I'd prefer these people to be advanced or fluent English speakers so they can help you (and correct you).

Glad that the community is growing and good luck!



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