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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why you should be learning English

We all know about the importance of learning English, whether you’re improving your level of English to travel, study abroad, work or just as a hobby, we all realize how critical is to have a good level of English as it opens many doors.

I was reading an article on the Kaplan’s blog and I was greatly surprised to see that learning English is something that affects everyone, it can affect you, me or even famous people like Li Bingbing who is a Chinese actress and singer studying with Kaplan in one of the Kaplan English language school

Her comments about her experience are:

“Learning another language actually is learning a new culture, is also a new way to know who you are. So we need a good mentor when we study.

"I like the personalized education from Kaplan International College. It was just like Chinese traditional private school education. I improved my listening and speaking a lot”.

Li Bingbing

If you want to find out more about Li Bingbing you can visit her profile on imdb.

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Liam Cooks said...

I think it has actually become a necessity to learn English.

tim watson said...

Yes, it is a must to learn English as this is a Universal Language.



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