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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Write a Guest Post for Great Exposure

Guest Post

Did you know that writing a guest post is one of the best ways to get your name out there and increase your visibility on the Internet? If you are an English teacher, a student, a company or simply a blogger that would like to get some links to his/her blog, you should seriously consider writing a guest post.

At Learn English Online we have always encouraged and given the opportunity to anyone interested in writing a guest post for the blog. Moreover, your article will normally be translated to Spanish and also published in our blog Aprender Inglés Online.

There are many benefits to writing a guest post:
  • You’ll make yourself known (as a person, a company, a Web page or a blog), increasing your visibility on the Internet.
  • Your guest post will reach more than 2500 subscribers of the blogs.
  • + 4000 followers on Twitter will see your article and will be able to recommend it to their followers.
  • + 1500 daily visits to the blog will also enjoy reading your guest post.
  • You’ll get two links per article and per blog, making a total of 4 links per guest post (2 links in the article in English plus 2 links in the same article translated to Spanish).
If you kept reading, we assume that you’re interested in the possibility of writing a guest post. You should know that there are also some general rules that every guest post should follow:
  • Our readers love reading good articles so the guest post should be of a reasonable standard, both grammatically and topic-wise.
  • The topic should be about a free online resource to learn English online, a document describing an English lesson (about vocabulary or grammar for instance) or a guide to learn English using a free tool on the Internet.
  • Guest posts should be unique and should have not been published before on any website or blog.
  • Recommended length for the guest post is between 1 and 2 pages (in a text editor as Word). Although some exceptions based on the article would be accepted.
Last but not least, some examples of guest posts that have been written for the blogs are:

Learn English Phrasal Verbs Using 3 Powerful Tips
Aprende los verbos compuestos (Phrasal Verbs) utilizando 3 buenos consejos

Think in English, Change your Facebook Account to English
Piensa en inglés - Cambia tu cuenta de Facebook al inglés

Netlingo - The Dictionary of the New Technologies
Netlingo - El diccionario de las nuevas tecnologías

How to Prepare for the TOEFL
Cómo prepararse para el examen TOEFL

If we have convinced you and you’d like to write a guest post, please contact us at the following email address:
Contacto LEO

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