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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Reports

Free Reports

In this page we’ll compile different documents and guides that we’ve been creating for the blog and that we believe will be really useful for you.

Tips to Make a Job Interview More Successful:

Positivity is the answer (English): link1, link2
Positivity is the answer – Ser positivo es la respuesta (Spanish): link1, link2

About Job Interview (English): link2, link2

Types Of Interviews (English): link1, link2

Job Interview, Questions and Answers (English): link1, link2

Job Interview - Finding the right answer (English): link1, link2
Job Interview - Finding the right answer, Encontrando la respuesta correcta (Spanish): link1, link2

Job Interview - A Professional Diagnosis (English): link1, link2
Entrevista de trabajo - Un diagnóstico profesional (Spanish): link1, link2


Nouns in Groups (English): link1, link2

Free e-books:

Power of English Phrasal Verbs (English): link1, link2
El poder de los verbos compuestos en inglés (Spanish): link1, link2

How To Stop Struggling With English Writing (English): link1, link2
Cómo superar tus problemas cuando escribes en inglés (Spanish): link1, link2

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