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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Babbel - Vocabulary and more!


Do you remember Babbel? No? Babbel is an excellent online resource to learn new vocabulary with an attractive and very easy-to-use interface.

The first time we mentioned Babbel it had 62 vocabulary modules, now it has 79 modules to learn new vocabulary in English by using a methodology that really helps in the absorption of new words.

However this is not what we wanted to talked about, but the fact that Babbel has added new services and features that will help you in your learning of English. The most interesting are:
  • Ten-minute tutorials: very enjoyable and quick and from which you can learn and practice grammatical rules for much or many, if-clauses, quick or quickly, among others.
  • Writing exercises: a total of 27 writing exercises. You’ll be able to write about different topics and use a big variety of vocabulary in English. What you write will be later corrected by your friend in Babbel or some person in the community.
  • Chat: chat in English with other users of the Babbel community.
Good stuff, Babbel.

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