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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Good Teacher on YouTube - Steve Ford English videos

Steve Ford

Steve Ford is another generous English teacher (remember Mr Duncan and mrthoth?) who prepares free videos to learn English online and then uploads them to his YouTube channel.

He speaks clearly in an American accent and many of his videos are subtitled, making them easy to understand. Moreover, the topics and contents of his videos contain some very pleasant surprises.

The videos in English are organized into three categories:
  • Peppy: videos to learn grammar and vocabulary. The majority of the videos have associated activities (e.g. a video quiz at the end for reviewing new ideas and concepts contained in each recording.)
  • Test Preparation: videos with very useful tips to prepare you for IELTS and TOEFL exams.
  • Business: you’ll find the videos in this category extremely valuable to help you get through a job interview (in English), improve your accent (accent reduction) and increase your vocabulary.
Please see below a sample of Steve Ford’s videos, with a variety of tips to prepare you for a job interview in English:

Apart from his channel on YouTube, Steve Ford maintains a number of other websites for learning English:

Podcasts about his videos

Free activities to do online

Don’t hesitate to visit the sites and take advantage of these wonderful online resources.

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MaxKonov said...


David said...

No problem! :)

craniac said...

It's spelled

English Teacher Fred said...

Hi, Steve is a great teacher. Please check out my site too:

David said...

@craniac, thanks for the correction. It’s fixed in the new design!:)


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