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Sunday, July 13, 2008

LingQ - Improve Your Vocabulary with Podcasts


“The number of words that you know is the best indicator of your command of the language”. This is what LingQ proposes and personally I pretty much agree with it. This online resource provides the necessary tools for increasing our English language vocabulary.

The method of working is easy. Firstly, select a text from the extensive library from which you can choose articles, audiobooks, conversations, interviews (there are about different categories.) After selecting the text, start working on it: reading it, listening to the associated podcast and registering the number of times you have read and listened to it, as well.

Another very interesting feature is that you can choose words whose meaning is unknown to you. Press the “LingQ!” button and you’ll see its meaning in your own language. If you opt to save that word, it will appear highlighted in the text (very useful!) and will be inserted in your own vocabulary list.

The words that you’ve saved will appear in the Vocabulary tab and from there you’ll be able to proofread them, mark them as known, and change their state, etc.

Finally, note also that LingQ allows you to create flashcards with the new words; and what’s more, there’s a handy graphic that displays your goals and progress.

Let’s increase our vocabulary!

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