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Sunday, October 11, 2015

How Edufind can help you perfect your English


For English learners, the Internet gives you access to an unlimited supply of native English writing, video, audio, and online interaction, but there’s so much English learning material online, and of such variable quality, it’s difficult to choose which site to use. One site I can recommend is Edufind, a non-profit site with a complete English grammar guide and a database of all the accredited English schools in 9 countries with reviews of most schools.

If you’re only studying English online, Edufind is a reference book for grammatical rules, verb conjugations, adverb placement, etc. The English grammar guide is available in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Japanese in addition to English. The Edufind Facebook page is also very active with posts in English on English idioms, quotes from famous people who have struggled with English, and other fun English learning tidbits.

If you’re considering taking an English course abroad, Edufind is a unique reference. No other site lets you see all the accredited schools in a city, state, or country on a map, read student reviews, and get in touch with the schools directly. As I mentioned before, Edufind is non-profit, so the schools don’t pay to be listed. That makes a big difference.

Most sites that let you compare English schools are agencies, so they are selling the courses at those schools and taking a commission. Those sites want all the schools to look good. You’ll see only positive student “reviews” on those sites, and only a partial list of schools, usually the larger schools and chain schools. For a complete list of schools of all sizes and unfiltered student reviews, you can’t beat Edufind.

Finally, if you’ve ever taken an English course abroad, go find your school on Edufind and leave a review! Your fellow students will thank you.

I look forward to hearing what you think of Edufind if you decide to have a look around. Edufind is a one-woman show, so whether you contact me via the site or on Facebook, you’re going to be talking to the same person. Best of luck with your continued English studies! As we say in English, practice makes perfect!


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