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Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to prepare for College English Essay Writing?

Preparing to write an English essay does not have to be a maddening process. You have to know what exactly you should do and then essay writing can be a cake walk for you. Do make an elaborate preparation before setting out to write an essay. Thorough research on the topic is the first thing to do before beginning to write an essay. You should become an expert in the topic you are writing an essay on. Make optimum use of the internet, the academic databases, and the library. Take notes and ponder over the words of great thinkers.

Once you have a good knowledge base, try to make an analysis of the various essays you have just read. Do make a logical connection between the sections of each of those essays; find the arguments, the reasons and the evidences. Before learning to write essays by oneself, one has to know how to analyze essays written by others. You should have your own creative insights to write an essay. Think about the topic until you come up with some original idea.

One should have a thesis to write an essay. It is the main point around which the whole essay has to revolve. The thesis needs to be expressed in a concise sentence with a clear assertion. The readers have to know where the essay is heading towards by seeing the thesis of the essay. In essence, it is impossible to write an essay without a clear thesis. Make a sketch of the essay before starting to write it straightaway. Have sentences with bullet points at least to denote what each paragraph should contain. Plan the argument properly and present it quite intelligibly. The outline of the essay should help you to write the whole long essay with a perfect logical connection between paragraphs and sections.

In an essay the introduction should be so well written that it should grab the attention of the readers. Introduction should be building up the issue you are going to talk about in the essay sometime later. Each paragraph should contain one single idea which has to be elaborated in that same paragraph. Paragraphs should begin with the topic sentences followed by substantial evidences and supplementary information. An essay should not just read like a piece of write-up, instead it should talk things out focusing on a particular argument. The conclusion should be a grand statement ending with a logical twist or something memorable which the readers would delightfully take home.

With a diligent, focused preparation and more fine-tuned arrangement of the argument, supporting evidences, instances and anecdotes; writing an essay at college should be fun. Students should master the skill of writing essays since they are required to write a big number of essays during their college education.

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