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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Learn English with Pocoyo!

If you like watching cartoons you might probably know about Pocoyo and have laughed with some of his entertaining videos. We’d like to present to you today a list of Pocoyo episodes in English with which you’ll keep the children entertained while they learn and get use to the sounds of the English language.

Pocoyo - A Mystery Most Puzzling

Pocoyo - Swept Away

Pocoyo - Who's on the Phone?

Pocoyo - Fetch Loula Fetch!

Pocoyo - A Little Cloud

Pocoyo - Table for Fun

Pocoyo - Where's Pocoyo?

Pocoyo - Drummer Boy

Pocoyo - The Grace Race

Pocoyo - Don't touch!

Pocoyo - Mystery Footprints

Pocoyo - Magical Watering Can

Pocoyo - Twinkle Twinkle

Pocoyo - Hiccup

Pocoyo - Pato's Postal Service

Pocoyo - Puppy Love

Pocoyo - Bat and Ball!

Pocoyo - Elly Spots

Pocoyo - Up, up and Away!

Pocoyo - A Surprise for Pocoyo

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