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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Studying Made Easier With Varsity Learning Tools

Studying Made Easier With Varsity Learning Tools

The recently launched Varsity Learning Tools is a massive and completely free EdTech resource full of options to help students learn and provide teachers with convenient classroom assessment solutions. The resource offers a comprehensive suite of free practice tests, digital flashcards, and questions-of-the-day for academic subjects and standardized tests of all levels. It is one of the best resources on the Internet to significantly aid students’ studying of English or any other subject/test they choose.

All visitors to the site have easy access to the thousands of free practice questions professionally created by the Varsity Tutors team; thousands of more questions are to be added every month. Additionally, visitors have the option of creating a free account that allows them to save their results and keep track of progress over time, as well as create their own tests and invite others to use them. It is an excellent classroom management tool in that it allows teachers to create customized tests for their various classes and invite students via email to take them.

When users complete a test, they receive incredibly detailed results and performance statistics. These impressive analytics include percentile rankings, score vs. time distribution, recorded time spent per question, and individual answer explanations. Students who have an account are able to see their analytics change over time, reflecting the progress they have made. Teachers can use this analytical data to easily evaluate how well their students are doing and where individual students are strongest vs. weakest.

Varsity Learning Tools can be used on any device, desktop or mobile, so you can take it with you anywhere you go. The various practice options available within the resource make it convenient for you to be flexible in your study methods – sit and take a few tests, peruse a few flashcards, or simply check the Question-of-the-Day each morning before class.

Not only are there a vast amount of questions across 95+ academic subjects and all standardized tests, you can find questions for varying levels of specific subjects. Varsity Learning Tools makes it easy for students to work on any area of English they may be studying, whether it be AP English Language and Composition, ACT English, SSAT Verbal, etc.

Visit Varsity Learning Tools today and get started!

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