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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Effective Use of Twitter in Learning English

Today, English is an essential language to learn and to be taught. The main reason behind this is the simplicity to learn and ease of grammatical structure. Any novice person can learn to read as well as write in English within few moths if he/she is truly determined and properly motivated.

Importance of English

The 21st century is the age of global communication. Though to achieve this approach we have to communicate with each other by using one common language so the majority of people can understand, share their ideas and able to learn, fortunately “English”. Nowadays, communication in the banking sector/commodity market/real estate etc. is done in English.

Benefits of Social Networking websites

According to language experts at, which is a reputable college paper writing service, the main factors behind learning English are hidden in improving your ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking. It can be achieved by watching English movies, news channels, reading newspapers, etc.

The social networking sites have played a major role in improving English as a language. We can get lots of materials and sources for preparation from a single platform and Twitter is one of them.

Twitter - The way to get inspired

Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone founded Twitter on the 21st of March, 2006. At that time no one thought that it would revolutionize social media arena. The principle of the platform was simple; to share ideas between different people. But now there are many roles of it and one of them is learning English through entertainment.

Share your ideas with the community

The concept of Twitter is to run the chain reaction, which means you can be followed by the number of “Followers” either your own colleagues, siblings or friends. In Twitter you can join the community, groups, celebrity pages as well as share your ideas in the form of “tweets”.

So you can tweet your acquaintances by writing in English using the set of vocabulary. When you get a reply from your friends, you’d probably find new words that you don’t know. And then again you can retweet them searching new words and meaningful phrases. So by practicing, you can write meaningful sentences as well as enjoy the conversation.

Negotiate with your friends and family in English which would help you to think quick and make you responsive.

Follow the tycoons

There are many people in this world who achieved success in their particular profession likewise business, media, finance, tourism, journalism etc. So whatever field you are interested in, find the right people and follow them. Visit the page created by him/her and read the tweets. If you observe the constitution of the sentence carefully, you would be able to learn how to write it and find new words which will surely enhance your vocabulary.

Make it as a habit to note down at least 6-7 new words every day and also refer the previous words to nourish your memory.

Watch the videos

In Twitter, you’ll find lots of video: news, documentary, song albums etc. Listen to it carefully with good quality headphones and try to catch as maximum words as you can. Pay attention to the accent and intonation of different people while they’re speaking. Catch the words by observing the lip’s movement of areporter while watching the news.

By doing this you can improve your listening ability and also evaluate how fluent you are.

Try to take as less pauses as you can while you are speaking. Remember, the speed of your speech doesn’t matter but fluency and consistency of your speech matters.

Join the news channels

There are several pages of news channels that one can find on Twitter like CNN, BBC, etc. So make a choice and follow one. You’ll get two benefits from the news channels. First, you can stay updated with the activity of the whole world and second, you’ll find plenty of words which people use in their day-to-day conversation. The reason why it’s a good idea to read or watch news channels is you will get updated on a regular basis and be able to remember words and set of phrases used by commentators.

Above, some of the tactics and basic ideas of improving English have been mentioned. Though it would take a lot of effort and determination, by following different dedicated people on social networking sites like Twitter, you can make it easy to learn English.

Listening makes you perfect in Speaking while Reading makes you perfect in writing.

Author bio: Jeff speaks three different languages fluently and he is currently employed by, where he teaches students how to write different types of essays in English. There are some tips on how to write a contrast essay which is just an example that can be used as a guidance.

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