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Monday, April 15, 2013

Common expressions in English that you’re normally not taught at school

We’d like to introduce today a table containing some words and sentences commonly used by the native English speakers but that are not normally taught at school or English courses.

Table 1: Common expressions in English
My tummy is upsetI couldn’t sleep well last night, my tummy was upset.
I don't give a flying figHe doesn’t give a flying fig if I don’t get a new job soon.
I couldn’t care lessWe couldn’t care less about the outcome of the match, we dislike both team.
I couldn’t be botheredYou couldn’t be bothered calling him, he’s shown no respect for you.
I’m with youAll right, I’m with you, keep reading.
I’m not with youHold on! Can you repeat please? I’m not with you.
Make no mistakeBut make no mistake, this is not easy and you’ll have to try hard.
Good food for thoughtRead this article, is good food for thought.
Social butterflyYou’re such a social butterfly; always have a good plan to go out.
My brain is addledMy brain is addled today, I better go to bed.
We’ll agree to disagreeWe’ll agree to disagree on this one; our points of view are very different.
Kick offYou better kick this off and start working / The match just kicked off 5 minutes ago.
Keep the ball runningDon’t worry about that now, let’s fix this and keep the ball running!
Kick the can down the roadHe said Obama is showing he "wants to kick the can down the road" until after the election.
To be on someone’s footSeriously, try to be on my shoes and you'll see what I mean.
We don’t want to shoot ourselves on the footWe're once again sadly demonstrating to the rest of the world our self-destructive propensity- we shoot ourselves on the foot.
To lose your marblesShe’s spending too much time on her own; I think she’s going to lose her marbles.
TaShort form for "Thanks". Ta! -You're welcome!

Ta for reading!

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