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Monday, January 28, 2013

Learn English the fun and interactive way with GCF Learn English

With GCF Learn English you’ll be able to learn English at your own pace and in a great and truly interactive way. Moreover, its interface makes it really easy to use on your computer or tablet like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Nexus from Google. Let’s see some screenshots from this wonderful online resource that will surely convince you to try it out.

On the main menu, you’ll be able to choose your native language so that it’s easier to navigate through the application:


You’ll then be able to choose among over 40 topics to practice every aspect of your English:


After choosing your desired topic for learning English, you’ll be able to learn vocabulary, grammar and also to practice with exercises using Word Explorer, Text Explorer, Video Dictionary or Fill in the blank.


In conclusion, this is a superb online resource where you’ll find countless topics and activities to keep improving your level of English.

Go on and visit GCF Learn English.

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