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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Twitter Accounts to Follow to Help You Learn English

While there will always be traditional avenues available to help you learn English, such as self-help books, classes, and different types of computer programs, there are also some less traditional ways that you can immerse yourself in the English language to help you gain a better grasp on the language. One of these ways is through Twitter. There are countless different Twitter accounts you can follow to help aid in your quest to learn English, but these seven are some of the best:
  1. english247 - @english247 gives its followers different lessons, activities and resources to help interested people get a grasp on English quickly. And a bonus: the resources it provides is free for followers!
  2. English Tips for You - @EnglishTips4U, like the name suggests, offers helpful tips to anyone who is beginning to learn English as a second (or third, or fourth!) language. The account holds Twitter classes where it explains the meaning of words, grammar, punctuation, etc. with the hashtag #EngClass.
  3. Teaching English - @TeachingEnglish is brought to its followers by the BBC to help anyone and everyone learn English. It offers helpful tips, tricks and tools so that people are able to master the language quickly and efficiently.
  4. Rosetta Stone - @rosettastone has become one of the most popular ways to learn a new language, and they’re methods have withstood the test of time, helping hundreds of thousands of people master a new language every day. The Twitter account offers updates for all of its users so they stay on top of any changes they need to be aware of for the language they’re learning.
  5. Livemocha - @Livemocha isn’t just around to help people learn the English language, the account also focuses on helping people learn 38 different languages. Livemocha gives its followers friendly advice, brain teasers, and a place where they can come and discuss any problems they’re having learning a particular language.
  6. Peter Travis - @English_Phrases is a great account to follow for anyone who is pursuing an advanced understanding of the English language or for anyone who is teaching English to others. They also give daily quizzes on English, which is a fun way for people who are learning the language to test their knowledge.
  7. Successful English - @SuccEng is a Twitter account that is designed to help people not only learn English but also understand the reasoning behind different English language rules. Since English can be such a confusing language to learn, this is helpful for anyone who is struggling to comprehend different concepts.
Social media is a great way to pick up tons of friendly tips and tricks for mastering the English language, so anyone who is interested in full immersion should follow these different Twitter accounts.

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