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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 Free Apps to Help You Learn English

While learning English may have once been daunting time-consuming and/or expensive, students no longer have to set aside hours of class time, study in a classroom full of people or hire a private tutor to begin working toward mastering the English language. Now, students can access free apps to learn from the privacy of their homes! These apps can be downloaded and played directly on a device or they can be streamed through iTunes on a computer.

My English Class Lite
My English Class Lite

My English Class Lite contains a complete English course with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises. The translated versions of the app are specifically aimed at adult non-English speakers, making it easy for ESL students to practice their verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar and phrases. One thing that makes this app especially unique is that it has highly customizable exercises; fun awards and a language-learning game center along with the ability track each student’s progress.

Download My English Class Lite on iTunes

Learn English Grammar
Learn English Grammar

This free app is an easy way for students to improve their English grammar at home, on the move, anywhere! The app comes with 160 free grammar questions and allows students to practice all areas of English grammar with 10 unique activity-types, which is particularly helpful for teaching those with all types of learning styles and preferences.

Download Learn English Grammar on Google play

WordPower Lite
WordPower Lite

This app is an ideal solution for students with tight schedules who would like to expand their English vocabulary. The app comes with audio recordings of a native English speaker and a voice recorder so students can master perfect pronunciation of words and phrases anywhere, anytime.

Download WordPower Lite on iTunes

While these apps are free and can be downloaded onto a student’s mobile device for private learning, they often have an online community, through Facebook or twitter, as well. These online communities can offer free, additional support. For students with questions about the English language while studying on their own, these online communities can be an additional free way to continue learning the English language from home… or on the go!

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