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Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Free Online Spelling Education Resources for English Language Learners

Most English language learners will tell you that learning to speak English is difficult, but it's nowhere near as difficult as learning how to spell English words. This is mostly because there are so many spelling variations for the few sounds in the English language. One might not assume that cry, high, pie, and alibi would all share the long i sound and rhyme, but they do. This is just one example of how tricky the English language can be in terms of spelling and the sounds our letters and letter combinations make.

Unless you're an extremely talented visual learner who can instantly memorize the spelling of each word you read, you may be struggling to learn how to spell English words well. If this is the case, here are a few online spelling education resources you should check out.

BBC Skillswise Spelling
BBC Skillswise Spelling

BBC Skillwise is a collection of online educational materials that includes an extensive collection of English spelling resources. When you navigate to the spelling section of BBC Skillwise, you'll find videos, games, and quizzes to help you learn more about plurals, root words, commonly used letter patterns, and words that are particularly difficult to read and spell.

If you're looking for a spelling education resource geared toward adults, you'll love what BBC Skillswise has to offer.

Art of Spelling
Art of Spelling

The Art of Spelling helps you learn how to spell over 20,000 English words in its easy-to-follow and fun lessons. In each of this free website's lessons, you're given a handful of words to spell. These words are pronounced for you, and the Art of Spelling system lets you know whether or not you've spelled them correctly.

If you want a lot of exposure to the correct spelling of English words, Art of Spelling won't disappoint you.


If you find learning to spell English words from a textbook or dictionary to be dull, you'll adore the free games and fun online activities SpellingCity has to offer. Many of SpellingCity's games are meant for kids, but that doesn't mean they won't entertain adults too. Try out the Speedy Speller game to challenge yourself to spell quickly, and make sure you take some of the spelling tests offered by SpellingCity to test your spelling knowledge.

Go on and visit SpellingCity to learn with its funny games and online activities.

Try out the websites listed above, and you'll be spelling words like "onomatopoeia" and "bougainvillea" as well as becoming a spelling champion in no time!

This is a guest post written by Alvina Lopez. Alvina is a freelance writer and blogging extraordinaire for seven years, she now mainly contributes her expertise about online colleges to accredited online colleges. Her ultimate goal is to help future students discover their potential by enrolling in the right program for them. She also writes about trends in education, personal finance, and sustainable living. She loves getting feedback from her readers at

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Dave Smylie said...

I really like the system for learning - it's pretty intuitive and easy to use.

I think a problem with learning english spelling online is the difference between UK and US english. Obviously sites like the BBC will be catering towards UK spellers, and SpellingCity will be catering towards US spellers. You can select specific lists, but just something to be aware of, or you can end confusing your kids =)

David said...

Hi Dave,

Very good point and thanks for bringing it up, it’s important to be careful about the American and British English spelling differences.

Just for sake of clarity:

Skillwise -> British English
Art of Spelling -> British English
SpeellingCity -> American English




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