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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 Free Android Apps for Learning English - Always Accessible Education

The knowledge of second or third language can be one of the biggest assets an individual has from a professional and education perspective. Employers seek individuals who are well rounded, multilingual and able to pick up new skills quickly. Learning a language is an extremely daunting and challenging task. As an adult in particular, people struggle greatly to fully grasp the entirety of learning a new language.

However, with new technologies and new resources, learning English and other languages has become significantly more accessible. Try out these four free Android mobile apps to help you learn English on your own time and anytime you have access to your phone.

Learning English App
Learning English App

This app is free for Android and can be a wonderful way to get started learning the language or to refresh yourself on some of the basic elements of the English language. With lessons and practice in reading, listening, grammar, essay writing, studying tips, and much more, this app may be a great addition to your language studying regimen.

Download Learning English App for Android

Learn English with Busuu
Learn English with Busuu is one of the leading online communities for language learning and practice. This app provides users with over 3,000 words and key phrases to study. Vocabulary is one of the first elements of language that learners should face. Busuu does a wonderful job of presenting English vocabulary to a learner and helping them practice with it regularly.

The app also offers over 150 different study topics, comprehensive audio-visual learning material, practice with dialogues, 20 full learning units, and access to native speakers for guidance and support. This app is useful for many reasons, but is particularly unique in its networking ability.

Download Learn English with Busuu for Android

Vocabulary Trainer TOEFL
Vocabulary Trainer TOEFL

As mentioned earlier, vocabulary is one of the first and most important steps to learning a new language. TOEFL offers over 1,500 vocabulary words for users to study. Becoming entirely fluent in a language requires significant practice and regular exposure to a language.

This mobile app offers the phonetic transcription, audio pronunciations, and regular lessons in various English vocabulary words. Users can use this app to learn new words or to perfect their understanding and pronunciation of difficult words in their repertoire. This Android app is also highly recommended if you’re preparing for the TOEFL exam as it contains the main vocabulary that you’re likely to find in this test.

Download Vocabulary Trainer TOEFL for Android

Test Your English I
Test Your English I

This app is one of the most useful and entertaining English language learning apps out there. With over 300 multiple choice tests available, users can use this app to practice and test all aspects of English language learning. The app offers English grammar exercises, ESL business English tests, English synonym worksheets, idiomatic expressions in English, and common errors in English usage.

These tests are a fun and helpful way to test your language skills and learn from your mistakes. The app works to make the hard work of learning a language fun by using color coding and scores to help you keep track of your success rate and foster a positive learning environment.

Download Test Your English I for Android

This is a guest post written by Barbara Jolie. Barbara is a full time writer and blogger in the Houston area. She is passionate about all things education and wishes to share her knowledge on online classes with her blogging community. For questions or comments email her at

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English Speaking said...

Applications are very useful and to get good learning online with mobile as a tool this application makes easy to access the learning program.Thanks for sharing this application.

Shaunie said...

Another free Android app to look at is SpeakingPal English Tutor. It focuses on teaching speaking skills. SpeakingPal lets you talk into your phone with a video character and get instant feedback on how well you have said all the English words and sentences. Available at Google Play.



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