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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Learn how to pronounce words with EmbedPlus


EmbedPlus is leveraging its enhanced YouTube player to offer free video-centric learning experiences in different domains. The first is a language-focused tool for pronunciation learning.

From looking around, you’ll quickly see that it breaks the dictionary convention of simply providing short and isolated audio snippets by additionally providing time-stamped videos of real speakers using words in real situations.

The goal is to give learners greater context and less mechanical pronunciations for free. In some cases, like the video in the screenshot below, you’ll even get to observe the facial gestures used to produce pronunciations.

EmbedPlus example

Using the tool is easy. Simply enter a word in its search box and you’re automatically given an audio pronunciation if one exists.The audio can be replayed as many times as you need. Most importantly, if videos have been matched to the word, their tiles are listed horizontally for you to click and watch. The enhanced embedded YouTube controls provided by EmbedPlus help you effectively navigate the playback.

To further improve the number and quality of the available videos, our team recently had the idea of time-stamping videos from interested ESL teachers on YouTube and using them as pronunciation examples. This would lead to an ESL specific track within the videos we serve and offer a two pronged benefit: (1) ESL teachers get more English learners viewing their videos as we grow to serve more of the many daily pronunciation requests, and (2) learners are able to gain more than just pronunciations as they watch content that inherently provides language learning lessons.

We suggest that interested teachers explore a few words on the site and find samples within their own videos. Note that we’d prefer to start with examples for commonly used English words that do not currently have matching videos, like awesome, cache, and tomato. If you are interested, please send an email to our team with the YouTube channel information here:

This is a guest post written by Tay Omojokun, Tay is the cofounder of EmbedPlus.

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This is a nice way of teaching anybody at any time can access and get the video of their choice which he or she wants to learn thanks for such video ideas.



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