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Monday, April 30, 2012

Get the pronunciation of English words with Forvo


You probably have wondered more than once how to pronounce a word in English. The truth is that pronunciation is one of the most complicated aspects of English because there are no clear rules and many variations.

We’d like to bring to your attention today a free resource known as Forvo, which may be defined as All the words in the World. Pronounced.

It’s actually a definition not far from the truth as it contains over 86,000 words and their English pronunciation. Words can be found very easily as they are grouped in different categories (adjectives, nouns, verbs, sports, animals ...) or you can search for them directly on the Forvo searcher.

Another advantage of Forvo is that many words have been pronounced by more than one person so that you’ll be able to get your ear used to different accents hence improving your comprehension skills. For every word, a map of the World is also displayed so that you can see where the person that pronounced the word actually lives.

Forvo example

Visit Forvo to answer any question about English pronunciation that you might have.

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