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Monday, October 17, 2011

ESL Kids - great website for the kids to learn English

ESL Kids - great website for the kids to learn English

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent (or both) and are looking for a website where children can learn English, you’ll find ESL Kids a strong ally.

ESL Kids offers many resources like flashcards, worksheets, games or songs. And all for free!

It’s worth describing these online resources in more detail:
  • Flashcards: sorted by different themes like actions, the alphabet, body parts, buildings, Christmas and many more. For each theme, you can choose between several sizes for the flashcard, all of them in PDF format so you won’t have any compatibility problems.
  • Worksheets: create your own worksheet in 3 simple steps: choose a theme, click on “New Random List” and finally choose a model for your worksheet (bingo, “Rock-Paper-Scissors” game and many others.)
  • Games: 8 pages of innovative and funny games to use in the classroom.
  • Songs: a good collection of lyrics from all kinds of popular kids’ songs.
Visit ESL Kids to find out more about these great resources.

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