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Friday, September 24, 2010

Collins - Free English Online Dictionary

Collins Dictionary

Do you know the Collins brand? It’s a top world-wide company that creates dictionaries and products for the learning of languages. With an extensive experience of more than 175 years, you’re sure to find the word you’re looking for in its English dictionary.

Collins offers a free online version for its dictionary that contains over 30,000 English words and references.

For instance, if you look for the verb to keep, it will display a list with the possible results that include the verb keep and different combinations for the phrasal verbs: keep at, keep away, keep back, keep down, keep fit, keep from, keep off, keep on, keep out, keep to, keep up.

Apart from the online dictionary containing English definitions, Collins also offers a Thesaurus dictionary that has a wide range of up-to-date entries, a generous choice of synonyms, and thousands of antonyms. For example, if you look for the word though, you’ll find a big list of synonyms like strong, rough, harsh etc, along with examples that illustrate the meaning for every word in each context.

Last but not least, Collins has a tool known as Cobuild which is the indispensible reference work for intermediate learners of English. Cobuild provides extensive examples that help in getting a good understanding of the word you’re searching for in a variety of contexts or scenarios.

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