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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tips to Learn English in 2010

Learning English in the New Year is without doubt one of the main goals of many people. However, how can we learn/improve with our daily time restrictions?

For many people it is hard to find time to complete their goals or even fulfil their hobbies. In this post we’re going to see different ways to optimize our time and be able to learn English. A good idea is to immerse ourselves in the language and that means being surrounded by it.

When you get up in the morning try to tune the radio into English or listen to music in English. On the way to work / school keep listening to the radio / music or to the hundreds of podcasts that you can download from the Internet. Save your favourites in your mp3 player or mobile phone so you are able to listen to them whenever you want. If you travel by train, metro, bus or if you get a lift and you have a portable video player you could save some video in mp4 format (it’s usually the most acceptable format). Visit VOA News, TED and the Videos Category to download excellent videos.

Do you like reading? Then try to buy your favourite book in English. You’ll understand quite a lot because you have had previously read it in your native language, but don’t forget to look for the words that you don’t understand in context in one of the many free online dictionaries.

If you also like movies and serials we have to congratulate you; practically every movie can be found in English (mainly because the majority come from Hollywood). And the truth is that it’s nice to watch your favourite serials in English with the authentic voice from the characters (for example Grissom, the character from CSI).

If you wish to make friends and practice English with them, then we recommend you to visit some of the many social networks available on the Internet.

As you can see there are no excuses not to learn English in 2010. Don’t miss it out!

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