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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Most Used Abbreviations in English

English Abbreviations

When you start living in an English speaking country you realize that abbreviations are very common, at the beginning it seems a bit weird as in other languages they are not that common, but then you see their potential because they save a fairly amount of time.

Next is shown a list with the most used abbreviations in English. These abbreviations are sorted alphabetically and presented in a table with three columns: the actual abbreviation, its meaning in English and an example to see the context where it’s used.

Table 1: English Abbreviations
Abrev.MeaningExample of use
AFAIKAs Far As I KnowAFAIK there is no problem at all
AKAAlso Known AsShe’s Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh
ASAPAs Soon As PossibleThis needs to be done asap
BBLBe Back LaterNow you have to wait, he’ll BBL
BRBBe Right BackOne sec, I’ll BRB
BTWBy The WayThat’s really good news. BTW, she also finishes her studies
COBClose Of BusinessWe need to finish this requirement by COB
DIYDo It YourselfIf you want anything to happen you have to DIY!
FYIFor Your InformationCommonly used in the emails and when you forward a message to another person. FYI, original message
IDKI Don’t KnowI’m sorry, IDK
IMOIn My OpinionIMO, you’re wrong
LOLLots Of LaughsLol, that was really funny
NIMNot In the MoodI’m NIM to go out tonight
NPNo ProblemNo problem at all, it was my pleasure
OMGOh My GodOMG! Isn’t that Cristiano Ronaldo?
TBATo Be AnnouncedPrize for the winner is TBA!
TBCTo Be ConfirmedThat is still TBC
TBDTo Be DefinedThe room is yet TBD
UFOUnidentified Flying ObjectHe believes he saw an UFO last night
VIPVery Important PersonThat’s the VIP area for the club
WTFWhat the f**k?WTF are you talking about man?

Do you know any other that is not mentioned above?

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