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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kindersay - Free English Word Games For Kids


It’s usually said that the younger the student is, the easier to learn a new language. Certainly, the ability that the children have to acquire new vocabulary and expressions is astonishing.

However, sometimes it’s difficult find the necessary material or resources with the required quality to facilitate their learning.

So that we can help in this regard we present you today a webpage where you’ll find superb free videos in English, which the young learners will be able to watch, listen to and learn new words.

The name of this online resource is Kindersay. This website contains hundreds of free online videos (to learn new words) designed to help preschool kids (whose native language is English) and English as Second Language (ESL) children.

With more than 500 videos and online activities the kids can learn new elements as useful as: the English Alphabet, Animals, Food, Parts of the Body, Colours, Time, Shapes, Numbers, Tools, Transport and a large etcetera, Kindersay is without doubt a must-visit site.

If you’re not convinced yet, you should know that for every topic it’s possible to play an online presentation that shows every word in a module. Then for every word you can see its pronunciation, writing and a descriptive image:

Kindersay Presentation

There are some other surprises that you can discover by yourself! :)

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Anonymous said...

Really i Agree with you it is very easy to learn any Language for the Younger Students. One can Learn English online easily if they have a Great Source.

Deprisa said...

I agree when you say that younger students learn languages very easily. However, I don't like tecahing them through the computer. Nothing like boos and face to face.

David said...

Hi Deprisa,

I think that face to face teaching is very important as well. However, the Internet offers so many possibilities and we need to take advantage of them! :)

I’ve used Kindersay to show the English alphabet to my cousin and he really loved it. I think that children in general love multimedia content (videos or anything they can interact with).

Quick question for you, what do you mean when you say “boos”?

Enjoy the weekend.

online casinos said...

Easy to teach a child rather the oldies.

Anonymous said...

Kids need stimulation of some kind. Action is good but so are colourful pictures and videos. Videos are a great resource because not many people have a zebra in their living room! Kids aren't afraid of technology, either. A program like this should be used as one part of a child's learning - not all of it. It will add an extra dimension to the child's learning experience.


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