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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Job Interview - Look good on paper

Not sure about how to write your CV? Would you like your CV to stand out from the crowd and be relevant? In the following post we’re giving you a series of handy tips so that your CV won’t be ignored next time.

It is important for any job seeker to remember that your CV is a sales document and needs to give the relevant information to the prospective employer in the best possible way.

How to write your CV

Your CV needs to be visually clear – a maximum of two pages, using bullet points to outline the most important and necessary information. Remember that if you are one of 100 CVs received for a job vacancy, you have to ensure that the employer can, at a glance, find the information that is relevant to the role.

Firstly, consider the role you are applying for. If you are answering a job advertisement looking for a Marketing Executive for example, there is no point sending a CV showing your current role as a Marketing Manager because you will be considered too senior for the role and your CV will be passed over.

Ensure that you are applying for a position that suits your experience and make sure your CV clearly expresses this. If you have had three jobs over ten years, spend the most time and CV space on your most recent job – this is what the employer will be most interested in. For example, do not take half a page to detail your experience working a summer job in McDonald’s ten years ago, and then only give three lines to your most recent role, which you have held for five years.

Many people write a CV when they leave their first job and then over the years just keep adding bits to it – don’t do this! Create a new, fresh look for your CV, tailored to the job you are applying for.

Finally, always list your achievements. Employers are always interested in these. Equally, think about what hobbies you are listing, making sure that they are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Original article in Metro Ireland

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Michael said...

Awesome post,

As a mode of preparing for job interview it would be a good idea to check in with people who are already working in the concern to casually understand what you are expected to be and do in your current job. There is nothing like talking to a senior who already works there who might be able to help you through the process of the interview.

Overall staying in the moment and absolutely calm helps you keep your peace and poise through any number of stumbling questions that you might be thrown at. You must at all point keep your calm and voice your opinions and answers firmly. Never go into any debating or arguing mode with an interviewer even if you are called to do so. Understand that most interviewers are experienced with personality assessment skills.

Anonymous said...

Really Helpful for me!! My CV is Like this But some of the Points i have noticed, that i never used in my CV. To Find a good job one should be good in English Speaking so i am trying to Join a Site to give Test and to do Practices.

Mike Kelley said...

Here's hundreds of great CV templates that you can download


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