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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do You Know these English Words? - Odd English Words (Part 1/2)

In the English language there are also odd, weird and not very common words. We present you below a list with some of these atypical words. It’s worth knowing these words as they are expressions that we use in our colloquial language.

Odd English Words

The list is presented in a table with four columns: the Word, the Meaning (in English), the Form and an Example of Use (to see the word in context).

This first part includes the first 11 words from the list.

Table 1: Odd English Words (Part 1)
WordMeaningFormExample of use
BehestAn urgent requestNounGM Chief to Resign at White House's Behest.
BunkumEmpty, nonsense talkNounThe bunkum of Body Mass Index.
ContumelyScornful or insulting treatmentNounFollowing years of police harassment and public contumely, he was arrested and charged with high treason and espionage.
To forgoTo give upVerbNew Zealand Cricket has persuaded its six Indian Premier League players to agree contracts with the board and forgo "significant sums of money".
To ForegoDo withoutVerbFlu fear forces groom to forego nicety.
GrislyInspiring repugnance, gruesomeAdjectiveThe grisly murder was committed here.
GristlyComposed of or containing gristleAdjectiveMy son has a sore gristly lump behind his nipple.
GrizzlyA grizzly bearNounThe grizzly bear is a subspecies of brown bear.
To go haywireCrazy, madAdjectiveThis period is just haywire time.
HubrisArroganceNounThere is no safety in unlimited technological hubris.
JejuneNot interesting / ChildishAdjectiveHe was very surprised by their jejune responses to our problems.

Do you find any of these words useful?

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