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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wordnik - the Total English Dictionary


Are you looking for an innovative and complete online dictionary? You’re lucky, because in Wordnik you’ll surely find whatever you’ve dreamed in a good English dictionary.

The truth is that Wordnik is not the traditional dictionary where you look for a word and then get the definition. Wordnik is much more and that’s the reason we like it; it’s the perfect example of an online dictionary 2.0 that collaborates with other services (like Flickr or Twitter) and that also allows the user to contribute their own content.

When you’re looking for an English word in Wordnik you’re give the following information:
  • Definitions: several definitions for the word from different dictionaries like American Heritage Dictionary, Century Dictionary, Webster's Unabridged (1913) and WordNet.
  • Related words: synonyms, antonyms and other words that could be related in some way.
  • Pronunciations: it allows you to listen to the word with recordings from some other dictionaries or recordings by the users.
  • Examples: excellent sentences and text to see the word in context and better understand its meaning.
  • Twitter: it does a search on Twitter to see any tweet that contains the word you’re looking for.
  • Images: different images from Flickr that are labelled with the word you’re interested in.
  • Etymology: for anyone wanting to know about the origin and evolution of the word.
There is the possibility to see all this data in the Summary tab, where you can find all the above information plus some extra facts, like Statistics about the word.

If you’re also interested in collaboration with content you have several options, like adding a note about a word or recording its pronunciation.

Link | Wordnik

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