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Monday, March 30, 2009

Gocomics - comics in English


Question-all-student: I don’t even like reading in my own language, so don’t even mention reading in English!
Know-all-teacher: But, there should be something that you like reading, isn’t there? Any genre like Science-Fiction, drama, horror, mystery…?
Question-all-student: No, too much text. I like seeing some images and I also like the humor and having a laugh.
Know-all-teacher: Aha, then you must like comics! What about “Mortadelo y Filemón” or “Super López” (very famous Spanish comics)?
Question-all-student: I like reading them, but I would remind you that they are in Spanish, not in English.
Know-all-teacher: Learn English Online; please tell me that you have a Web page with funny comics in English.

Yes, Know-all-teacher, a short time ago I discovered a website that might come in very handy. It’s Gocomics, an online resource with hundreds of entertaining comics in English, from which you can motivate that Question-all-student.

There are some reasons why I love Gocomics: the comic strips are free, there is a great variety (it’s possible to look for something by title or editorial), the stories are really funny and with the comments in each comic strip you’ll know the opinions of other people and can take part into the conversation.

An example of a comic strip that you’ll be able to find is:


Link |

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Dogtrax said...

You know, I had not even considered GoComics for language learning opportunities, and I think about comics all the time. Thanks for the post.

Charlene said...

Another good site for English comments is

David said...

@Kevin, no worries. Yes, I think that you can read whatever you like in order to improve your English (as far as the content is in English).

@Charlene, thanks for the recommendation.



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