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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teachitworld - English Language Teaching Resources


Are you an English teacher? Are you looking for interesting material for your classes? New ideas? is the Web page that will surely help you. It contains hundreds of innovative ideas and documents in English for your classes, which will surely capture the attention of your students.

We would point out that not all the material from this website is free. However, all the pdf documents (more than 1000) are free, along with the newsletters, the teaching ideas and diverse articles. Moreover, it’s not necessary to register on the Web page in order to access these free resources.

The design of Teachitworld is a simple one and the information is easily accessible, containing:
  • Resource library: hundreds of useful documents organized according to the level of the student (A1-Breakthrough, A2-Elementary, B1-Lower Intermediate, b2-Upper Intermediate, C1-Lower Advanced, C2-Upper Advanced) and the linguistic skill (Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary). There are also resources about exams with information about the IELTS, the FCE and the PET [see this post (Exam English) for more information], as well as material for young learners, teenagers, Business English and American English.
  • Audio: activities on different topics for your students to practise their listening skills. The text documents to prepare the classes are free. However, to access the sound files (.mp3) it is necessary to pay a subscription.
  • Topical lessons: a variety of modules based on different subjects, which will help you to produce lesson plans.
  • Whizzy things: numerous tasks to carry on with the students.
  • Teaching ideas: new ideas and inspiration to augment your teaching resources.
  • Newsletters: sign up for free newsletters and updates sent direct to your email box.
  • Image bank: many useful images for the student of English.
  • Become a contributor: become part of the community sharing ideas, resources and knowledge and you can earn money as a result.
As you can see, there is a lot of very interesting material for English teachers. Furthermore, if you are preparing for any of the English exams: IELTS, FCE or PET, have a look at the exam resources as there is some useful information to assist you in this regard.


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