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Friday, June 27, 2008

Learn American English Online

Learn American English Online

I would like to share this Web page with you, as it has pleasantly surprised me. Despite its slightly unattractive appearance, it contains really interesting resources for practising English.

There are five different levels of incremental difficulty; these are:
  • Blue (basic): the verb ‘to be’, nouns, pronouns, ‘this’, ‘that’ and the present tense…
  • Red (basic+): ‘do’, ‘much/many’, ‘little/few,’ ‘like’, ‘gerunds’…
  • Yellow (intermediate): questions with ‘did’, present perfect tense, modal verbs....
  • Green (intermediate+): the passive voice, (be) supposed to...
  • Orange (advanced): adjective clauses, the future conditional, so/too ...
There is a big variety of lessons for each level (as in the examples listed above). In each lesson you will find an explanation, some examples of use (with images) and many exercises to practise.

The lessons are interesting, although they don’t provide for innovation … And what about the video lessons, you ask me? Well, they are like a particular teacher that explains everything to you… great! To date the author has 62 videos in his YouTube profile.

This web page also offers vocabulary about different topics and even some tips on how to get US nationality.

Go on, go and have a look!

Visit Learn American English Online

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