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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free Language - Several Resources to Learn Languages

Free Language

Today we're talking about a web site that has many free resources, not only for learning English, but also for other languages such as: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc

What interests us is to see what resources and materials are available for improving our English:
  • Dozens of articles and links to online resources.
  • Links to web pages where you can listen to the language/s and download podcasts.
  • Links to web pages that give the news in English.
  • Links for watching television programmes in English that are broadcast via the Internet.
In short: a multitude of resources, so you won't get bored and you'll always have new things accessible to you for practising your chosen language. I personally have never once tired of watching programmes in English using the Internet!

Visit freelanguage

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