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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Improve your Pronunciation and Vocabulary with Speaking English Podcast

Speaking English Podcast

If you’d like to improve your pronunciation and solve multiple questions related to your vocabulary and English grammar, you then need to add Speaking English Podcast to your list of websites to visit.

In this online resource there are hundreds of videos (videocasts) about a great variety of topics among which you’ll find something of interest to you.

From all the available categories, the ones that have caught our attention most are related to:
  • Aspirated vs. partially voiced: Jam vs. Gem.
  • Homographs: Bare vs. Bear.
  • Homophones: Muscle vs. Mussel.
  • Unvoiced vs. Voiced: Lamb vs. Lamp.
  • Voiceless vs. Voiced: Safe vs. Save.
They show important details and differences within the words that we normally don’t tend to take into account. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to find teaching materials related to this topic so it’s appreciated when someone explains it.

Don’t forget to visit Speaking English Podcast

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VocaTube - Vocabulary about the Weather on YouTube


Today is a great day; we’re presenting a new post about the VocaTube series! :) Videos on this VocaTube are about how to describe the weather in English. You’ll be learning the meaning of sunny, cloudy or rainy. We also introduce much more vocabulary that you’ll find useful in many situations.

Videos are sorted according to the level s of difficulty (from the elementary to the advanced level) so if you know the basis, feel free to watch the more advanced videos.

Remember that vocabulary can only be improved with practice and listening through repetition. It’s difficult for everyone to understand from the beginning but you’ll notice that the more hours you listen, the better your understanding.

Describing the weather in English – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

Learn how to ask and answer about the weather – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

Main elements for the weather along with a final test – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

An entertaining video for children – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

Catchy song for children so they can learn weather related vocabulary – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

English song for children, it shows the days of the week along with the weather – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

Excellent video for children as they learn how to ask and answer about the weather – elementary English

Link to the video on YouTube

Very good song about the weather – intermediate English

Link to the video on YouTube

Weather report at the news with Gerard Butler – advanced English

Link to the video on YouTube

Interesting video produced by the NASA that describes the weather – advanced English

Link to the video on YouTube

To finish with, two complementary links for this post:

News and videos about the weather from the CNN (advanced English)

Weather forecast for the UK and the World from the BBC (advanced English)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween - A Good Excuse to Learn English


Last year we explained what Halloween (Hallowe’en) was and some curious facts about this festivity whose popularity is growing every year.

Today, we’d like to present some educational resources related to Halloween that will allow you to improve your level of English and learn something else about this date.

Let’s begin with related vocabulary like: bat, bones, broom, candy, cemetery, coffin, costume, creepy, frightening, ghost, goblin or haunted. You can see the complete list in Vocabulary - Halloween. If you don’t know the meaning of all the words, help yourself using a free online dictionary.

In the following link from English Page, you’ll find a lesson with vocabulary about Halloween along with the definition for every word. Moreover, they also offer a section with adjectives for Halloween.

In order to practice your knowledge about Halloween and its related vocabulary, you can do this test, this one about Little Monsters, or another one that includes adjectives for Halloween.

If you are a teacher looking for printables (in pdf format) with pages to colour, word searching and many more, don’t hesitate to visit MES-English where you’ll find loads of free printables.

After this intensive learning you can consider yourself as an expert in terms of Halloween and its related English vocabulary. Why don’t you test your knowledge with the Hangman game?


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